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How to Select the Proper Slip for Your Big Day!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Slip or no-slip... Lori says “ALWAYS A SLIP”

Let's dive into why a slip is so wonderful for every Bride and her unique wedding dress!


  1. A slip keeps the dress from bellowing between your legs when you walk & dance. Without the slip, a Bride is more likely to see the dress falling between her legs in photos.

  2. The slip showcases all the details and embellishment on your skirt and hemline. That touch of sparkle along the edge of your gown, the elegant lace applique, definitely beautiful elements that you don't want to lose.

  3. The slip keeps you cool so all that fabric is not sticking to you, so you can enjoy your day!The slip actually lifts the layers of your dress off of your legs. Regardless of the number of layers in your gown, this is always a benefit!

  4. Another wonderful thing about wearing a slip is that it will always compliment your silhouette.Each slip is designed to coordinate with the style of your dress so that you always look your most beautiful from all angles!

The best news is that you do not have to decide on this alone!

“The Girls behind the Yes!” are trained to help you select the perfect slip to wear with your Wedding Gown! Your Evaline's Bridal Stylist is always there to guide you along your wedding journey and answer any questions that you might have.


So Which Slip is Right For My Wedding Gown?

These general guidelines will give you an idea of the options that are available and what will compliment your gown best!

Pencil Slip

It could be worn under any dress with any silhouette because there is no bulkiness to it. The best part about this slip is it keeps the dress from bellowing between your legs when you walk or dance and keeps the layers away from you so you stay cool!

Mermaid Slip

This is the perfect slip to wear with the Mermaid or Trumpet gowns to give extra fullness. The slip is specially designed to hug your silhouette until the slip reaches about your knees and begins to flare. A Mermaid slip truly lifts the bottom layers of your dress, keeping you cool and comfortable!

Semi Full Slip

This slip truly compliments ballgowns and A-lines by showcasing the details in the skirt. This slip adds just enough fullness without drawing attention away from the beauty of the Bride. The fullness starts below the knees so as not to add any extra fullness to the torso as well! It will keep all the extra layers of fabric at the bottom of your dress from bellowing between your legs when walking or dancing!

Full/ Ultra Full Slip:

This slip is the “BELL OF BALL” it is typically worn under ball gowns, but can be worn under A-line gowns to really make a statement. This slip will keep the fullness on the bottom only, showcasing the hemline and all the lace appliques and elegant details on the skirt! The best part about this slip is the fuller the skirt the SMALLER the waistline! The Full/Ultra full slip will lift the layers of your gown the most so you stay cooler (even during summer weddings), allowing you to dance and enjoy your day!

So now that you have an idea of what goes on beneath the dress, its time to start looking for more wedding inspiration! The Girls Behind the Yes are constantly sharing tips and trick as well as all the wedding inspiration you could ever dream of on our Instagram, Facebook, and website. Be sure to check our our new Exclusively Evaline's Group for insider tips on everything wedding related!


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