One of the latest trends in DIY weddings is The Brooch Bouquet. Not only is this a perfect way to incorporate your ‘something old’ (be sure to ask grandmas, aunts, and visit lots of thrift stores!), but it is a great way for the bride to show her personality, and have a bouquet that she’ll be able to keep forever.

Although brooch bouquets do involve a lot of time and effort, they are lots of fun to make, and very simple, too! Here is a simple guide to get you started on your brooch bouquet!



You will need: brooches, floral tape, craft wire, and silk flowers of your choosing. Also good to have on hand: Hot Glue, Pliers

Start off by asking family members and friends for brooches. You may be surprised at how many people you know who have brooches lying around, or who know of a perfect thrift shop for you to look. The more people who know about your brooch bouquet, the better. This is one part of your wedding planning that does not need to be a secret from the world (or at least all the women and girls in your life!). Think word of mouth: the more people who know you are looking, the more likely you are going to find people who have brooches for your bouquet! People will also help you look as well, which makes the process a lot easier! (Side note: This doesn’t mean you need to tell the groom every detail about your brooch bouquet. In fact, he doesn’t need to know at all if you want to keep it a surprise! If you do want to let him know what you’re doing, however, keep the details minimal- it will be an even bigger surprise for him on the actual wedding day!)

Another helpful tip is to think of a color scheme beforehand. (This is a perfect time for Pinterest stalking! Research and get ideas!) Think about your entire wedding: what your colors are going to be, the theme of your wedding, what style your gown is, and what kind of bride you want to be. Do you want all different colored brooches? All silver? All gold? Silver and gold? Pearls added in? Pearls with Silver? You get the point. Getting an idea before you begin your brooch bouquet will not only save you from buying brooches you won’t use, but it can also spare family and friends feelings. You don’t want to take grandma’s 100 year old gold family heirloom brooch, and not use it because you end up going with an all-silver theme. The more specific you are able to be; the easier it will be for those who are helping you look!


2. ASSEMBLE THE BOUQUET: Assembling your brooch bouquet is the perfect time to think outside of the box. Is there a little space that needs to be filled, but isn’t quite big enough for a brooch? Clip on Earrings will do the trick! Pendants for necklaces are also a great filler idea. Remember: this is YOUR bouquet, so you can get as creative as you want!


Now for HOW to create your brooch bouquet.

Here’s the Simple Version: Wire each brooch and cover the wire with floral tape. Form the silk flowers into your desired bouquet shape. Scatter the brooches throughout the silk flowers.


And the Detailed Version:

  1. Put about 3 strands of 14” floral wire on each brooch, twisting the wire together under the brooch to create the stem. (Pliers come in handy for this part to save your hands!) Remember, each brooch is different, so you may have to get creative when attaching the wires.
  2. After creating the wire stem, wrap each stem with floral tape, beginning right underneath the brooch and working down to the end of the ‘stem’.
  3. Take your desired silk flowers and form them into a bouquet shape. Another option is to take fake petals (fake rose petals work nicely!)
    and hot-glue them underneath the brooch, creating a sort of bud. Either way, the fake flowers are meant to soften up your brooch bouquet. (Again- get creative!)
  4. As you are creating your bouquet, it is helpful to reposition the “flowers” every 5 brooches or so. Once you have all the brooches in, wrap the overall stem with floral wire to keep everything together.
  5. Keep an eye on the overall shape of your bouquet. This is where the repositioning throughout the making of your bouquet will come in handy. It is much easier to fix the bouquet when you catch the shape of it going flat or tilting to one side DURING the making of it, rather than after you’ve finished.


3.    ADD FINISHING TOUCHES: Cover the stems with vintage handkerchiefs, a cloth that matches your wedding colors, or even a simple white cloth will work!


REMEMBER: This is a time-consuming project. You will not achieve your perfect brooch bouquet in one day. The earlier you can get started on your bouquet, the better! This will alleviate tons of stress, and ensure that your bouquet is perfect for your wedding day!


If you want to take your brooch theme a step further, brooches make fantastic gifts. You can give one to each of the special ladies in your life at the rehearsal dinner (especially the ones who helped you look, or gave you one to use!). Another great idea is to give each of your bridesmaids a brooch- They can incorporate it in their bouquets or wear it on their dresses for the big day!


What do you think? Would you make your own brooch bouquet for your wedding instead of carrying flowers?