Dresses for YOUR Body Style!

Searching for your wedding gown is an extremely exciting time, but it can also be very overwhelming. Where to start? What will look good on me? Lace…? Satin…? Ballgown…? Mermaid…? There are all kinds of questions running through a bride’s head while she’s shopping for her wedding gown. To help make the process a little bit easier, here is a quick and easy guide to finding ‘The Dress of All Dresses’ for YOUR body style!


Large Busted Women

If you have a larger chest, you’ll want to go with a dress that has one or more of the following features:


-Scoop Neck
-Full Coverage V-Neck (You don’t want it dropping to low)
-Halter-Top Neckline
-Off-The-Shoulder Neckline
-Have your heart set on straps? Go for a Sweetheart Neckline rather than a Straight Cut neckline when going strapless. Sweetheart necklines lay flatter on the chest, so you won’t have a gap between the fabric and your chest!


-Bodice fabrics with Sheen (Organza, Satin, Silk), as they’ll add volume and call attention to your chest
-Ruched fabric on the bodice; this has the same effect as fabrics with sheen
-Straight-cut Strapless; As stated before, This neckline tends to gap or make your chest to look like shelf (not exactly what you want on your wedding day!)

Small Busted Women

If you are a bit smaller on top, go for one of these dress styles:


-Strapless with ruched bodice (To add volume)
-Bateau Necklines
-One Shoulder necklines
-Empire Silhouette dresses

Pear-Shape Women

pear shaped girl

If you’ve got a pear-shaped body, you’ll want to de-emphasize your hips, and turn the focus onto the narrowest part of your midsection or toward your neckline. The following styles will help with that:


-Strapless dresses
-Scoop necklines
-Spaghetti straps
-Off the Shoulder dresses
-Full A-line gowns
-Ball gown
-Diagonal Draping (Does a fantastic job of accentuating your curves!)
-Bateau Neckline
-Basque Waists
-Empire Silhouettes
-Go for a Fabric that is a bit sturdier in its construction


-Sheath Silhouettes
-Trumpet and Mermaid gowns
-Fabric that is clingy or too flowy

Apple-Shaped Women

apple shaped woman

For an apple-shaped body, you’ll want to go for a dress that will draw the eye upwards toward the bodice or neckline. Try these:


-Asymmetric neckline
-Deep V-neck (any plunging neckline works nicely)
-Scoop neck
-Strapless Empire Silhouettes
-A-line Silhouettes
-Princess Silhouettes
-Empire Waists


-Ball gowns
-Sheath Silhouettes

Hourglass Women

hourglass figure

 Similar to pear-shaped, you’ll want to accentuate the smallest point on your waist. And be sure to show off those curves!! These features will look fantastic on you:


-A-line dresses
-Standard or Drop Waist- dropped waists elongate your torso
-Mermaid and Trumpet silhouettes
-Sweetheart Necklines


-Sheath Silhouetes
-Ball gowns
-Empire Silhouettes
-Fabrics that are too clingy or tight

Straight/Rectangle Women

rectangle girl

 If you have a square body type (athletic builds fall into this category), you’ll want to choose a style that will lengthen your torso. These styles will definitely flatter you:


-Bateau Necklines- they balance narrow shoulders and smaller chests
-Spaghetti Straps
-Sheath (Column)
-Ball Gown
-Mermaid or Trumpet
-Creative Necklines
-Necklines that fall below your collarbone- these add a great touch of femininity
-Drop Waist Skirt- This elongates your torso nicely
-Empire Waist gown


-Soft Sheath
-Princess gowns
-Basque Waists
-Portrait Necklines
-Off-the-Shoulder Dresses
-Halter Tops

Full Figure Women

 full figure women

 If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Try for a dress that will show off your voluptuous upper body while flattering your waist and hips. These styles will look great on you:


-Scoop Necks
-Sweetheart Necklines
-Ball gowns
-Dropped-waist A-line gowns
-Flat-front Ball gown
-Empire with a high waist (just under the bust-line)


-Unconstructed silhouettes
-Clingy silhouettes
-Sheath dresses
-Spaghetti straps
-A-lines that start at the chest
-Pleated Fabrics
-And just remember: If it’s too loose, it will add pounds

Tall Women

You tall ladies will want to find a gown that accentuates your length. Try on dresses that have the following characteristics:

-Plunging V-necks
-Halter Tops
-Open Necklines and Backs- the more open, the better!
-Sheath Silhouettes
-Mermaid and Trumpet gowns
-Ball gowns
-A-line Dresses with a defined Waist
-Bias-cut Silhouettes


-Princess Dresses

Petite Women

Petite and smaller brides should keep their gown simple. Too many embellishments and eye-catching appliques will just look overwhelming and awkward. You’ll also want to try for a style that will create length without interrupting the bodyline. Try these styles to look fabulous:


-Sweetheart necklines
-Halter tops
-Cowl necklines
-Mermaid or Trumpet with raised waistline (and heels!)
-Soft-drape Grecian-inspired style
-Sheath silhouettes- this is better on thinner body types
-A-line gowns
-Empire waists
-Princess gowns
-Eye-catching necklines that will draw the attention up- nothing too flashy, though!


-Ball gowns
-Dropped-waist silhouettes
-High collars and overwhelming necklines


Remember: Every woman’s body is unique! We suggest trying on each silhouette to make sure you find the one most suitable for your body- these are just guidelines to start! Happy Gown Shopping!