5 Advantages of Shopping a Sample Sale


Sample Sales are great for many reasons. The most obvious reason is because it’s a sale- who doesn’t love saving money?! There are other reasons why you should shop a sample sale as well. We’ve compiled our top 5 reasons why you should take advantage of a sample sale, and buy a stock wedding gown.


1. Wear a gown no one else can get: Normally, sample sale gowns are limited edition, and therefore can not be ordered anymore. They are one of a kind, which means you will be wearing a gown no one else can get! And they’re usually at a fraction of the price- How cool is that? Even if you buy a gown that isn’t limited edition, bridal salons typically only order one sample of each gown- so once you’ve bought it, its all yours!


2. Don’t wait for your dress to arrive: You know when you order something online and an hour later you’re already tracking your package? Well, image what it would be like waiting for your wedding dress! When you buy a sample gown you don’t have to wait for your dress to arrive– alleviating stress for some brides– and you can come visit your gown at your bridal boutique whenever you want!


3. Coordinate your accessories, veil, and shoes: Many brides have to wait until their bridal gown comes in to see if their accessories will match- and some brides won’t purchase any accessories until the dress does arrive. By purchasing your wedding gown on the spot, you can easily coordinate your accessories, veil, and shoes. You can visit your dress at any time to see how your accessories will look, and you will be able to match them perfectly without having to guess or wait.


4. Start your alterations when you’re ready: Although we suggest getting your alterations done two weeks prior to your wedding, some brides like to get them done ahead of time– especially those who want to make major changes to their gown or are having a destination wedding. You can start your alterations whenever you’re ready when you purchase a stock gown. Your bridal salons seamstress should also be able to tell you what alterations will be needed when you buy your stock gown, so you can be prepared ahead of time.


5. Pay using a payment plan: Most bridal salons offer a payment plan when you purchase a stock gown. You can put down a deposit on your dress, and the salon will store it for you as you make payments. This definitely helps with the cost of things, and remember- you can still visit it whenever you like!


What are some reasons YOU would buy a stock wedding gown rather than ordering one?

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