How To: Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown–The Dress of All Dresses


  1. How do you envision yourself?
    Get a clear picture of how you want your wedding to look. Are you walking down the aisle? Getting married on a beach outside? Or will you be speaking your vows by soft candlelight? Will you be wearing a full ball gown with your hair up and a long flowing veil, or are you in a flowing gown that accents your femininity.
  2. What is the best silhouette to compliment your figure?
    The dress you wear on your wedding day should be the dress of all dresses!Whether you want to look romantic, traditional, sexy, sophisticated, or like a princess, go to a full service bridal salon! They will have bridal consultants on staff to help you select the best style for your body type. Be sure and set up an appointment and be open for suggestions! This is not your everyday look and you want to be sure to get the best style for your figure so work with a professional store that has a lot of experience.
  3. What color should you wear that will compliment you skin tone?
    There are so many shades of white and off white and diamond white and then there is ivory, soft ivory, candlelight and the list goes on and on. Once again a full Service Bridal Salon will have experienced consultants that will guide you in to the perfect color for your skin tone.
  4. What fabric is best for your occasion?
    You want everything to fall perfectly in place and the more information your bridal consultant has, the easier it will be for her to help you! Where you have your wedding will help to determine how formal your gown should be and what kind of fabric you should consider. There are many choices, chiffon, taffeta, silk, Italian satin, are just a few. If the weather is hot and it is an outdoor wedding you may want chiffon or organza something that has that perfect flow. If your wedding is more formal then you may want silk, Italian satin or taffeta. The touch of the fabric, the way it moves with you, all become important in helping you make the perfect choice.
  5. What traditions are important to you?
    Do want to put a penny in your shoe? Will you want to wear a blusher for when you walk down the aisle? Who will walk you down the aisle? Should you wear white? All of these details take on their own importance but they also make a statement about who you are! By asking the right questions, to the right people you will get the right answer! Ask the professionals!
  6. Do you have Religious guidelines?
    Call your Church talk to your Minister, Pastor or Officiate to find out the rules of the church and the guidelines. A full service bridal salon will help you with all of these details!
  7. Who should I bring with me to help me decide?
    Of course your Mom is always the best choice if she is not available a trusted friend or family member who truly knows you and your style! So many brides look great in so many gowns it becomes difficult to decide, so a family member or a trusted friend along with a very knowledgeable bridal consultant will help you select your dress of all dresses!
  8. Who should I show my gown to once I have decided?
    I would suggest no one! There is something about that “awe moment” when the doors open, you enter the room, and you start to walk down the aisle. There is something magical that happens, and every bride should have that moment!
  9. What should I expect from a Full Service Salon?
    - Great customer service with people who listen and cares about how you want to look.
    - A knowledgeable staff with experience in bridal fashion to guide you in the right direction.
    - Professional advice, with knowledge about what will help you create your vision.
    - On site alterations, and professional pressing of the gown and veil.
    - Knowledge in coordinating all of the wedding attire and accessories.
    - The best selection and styles available!
  10. Why shouldn’t I buy my gown online?
    The risk of not getting what you paid for! Your wedding gown is the most exquisite item you will ever buy for yourself and what you see in an online picture is not what is always delivered!
  11. Eliminate Stress… Make the decision.
    Once you found your “Dress” don’t hesitate to say “Yes to the Dress” this will help you to plan the rest of your wedding! You are the main event and what you wear will set the stage for the rest of your planning! Never buy something you don’t love but don’t wait if you found your dream gown!
  12. When should I select my matching elements? (Veil, Headband, Shoes, etc.)
    The same day you select your gown you should coordinate it with matching elements! This will ensure correct color matches and also is one less detail you need to worry about! Selecting your Veil and Headband will also help you to select how you want to wear your hair and what jewelry your will need.
  13. When do I get my gown altered?
    We suggest no sooner than 1 Month before your event and with your final fitting within 10 days of your wedding date! All brides get stress and usually will loose a few pounds before the big day. By trying your gown on a week before the wedding, it will give the seamstress enough time to adjust anything you need to have done.
  14. When should my dress be pressed and when should I take it home?
    If you are dressing at home you may want to get your gown Thursday before your Saturday wedding. Be sure if you are dressing at church that there is a secure and locked room for your gown. Check with the church or your ceremony site for their recommendations.